Newest phone scam claiming to be your grandchild

The Gibson County Sheriff’s office is warning the public of yet another scam.

The one reported on Monday to the department involved a caller stating his name was Michael Roberts from the Public Defender’s Office of Massachusetts.

The phone number displayed had a 971 area code which is originally from Oregon.  Authorities say that while numbers can be ported anywhere, a Public Defender’s Office is unlikely to have an out-of-area phone number.

The caller stated that their grandchild was in jail and needed bail money, which was false.

Police advise that if you get a call from somebody stating your grandchild is in jail, or a call from somebody claiming to be your grandchild, and they need bail money, or money for emergency vehicle repairs, hospital bills, etc., be highly skeptical.

Hang up and call them back at a number you know to be theirs or reach out to somebody who will know if they are in jail.

Never give out personal information over the phone and again be skeptical of requests for bank account or credit and debit card numbers and requests to buy gift cards at stores and read the numbers over the phone.