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Archived interviews are found below.

Community Connection Interviews

Wabash Valley Friendship Clubhouse 11.3.21

The Wabash Valley Friendship Clubhouse is the focus of our Community Connection podcast. Clubhouse Coordinator, Dave Engstrom and Clubhouse Member Gala Fields are our guests.  

Alma Kramer Generations 11.2.21

Alma Kramer speaks with Dane Foley about the Build-A-Basket program and how to get involved.

Vincennes Lady Alices Basketball Pancake Breakfast 10.29.21

Dane Foley speaks with four senior Vincennes Lincoln Basketball players about their upcoming pancake breakfast.

Lawrence County Arts Council 10.28.21

Jamie Cox of the Lawrence County Arts Council joins us in studio.  The play ‘Harvey’ will be on stage November 4-6 at  7:00 p.m. CT and 2:00 p.m. CT

United Way of Knox County 10.27.21

United Way Director, Mark Hill and campaign chair Kaitlyn Ashby join us in studio.  The two inform us on how to particiapte in the 2021 Annual Campaign.