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Archived interviews are found below.

Community Connection Interviews

Mark Hill Vincennes Rendezvous 5.23.22

Mark Hill, the Marketing Director of The Rendezvous discusses the upcoming Rendezvous. He talks about all of the events and activities that will be happening over the weekend. He

Joe Herron GRC National Historical Park 5.20.22

Joe Herron speaks with Dane Foley. He discusses the upcoming Rendezvous and how to get more information about this event. He also discusses the many activities offered at the

Savannah Linenburg V.U. Alumni Foundation 5.19.22

Savannah speaks with Dane Foley about scholarships that the Foundation will be distributing. She also speaks about the upcoming Trailblazer golf tour.

Rob King South Central Region 8 Workforce Vincennes University 5.19.22

Rob speaks with Rebecca Clark about the organizations mission statement as well as the counties they serve. He also speaks about services they offer like Jobs for America grad

Dave Engstrom and Mindy Davis Wabash Valley Friendship Clubhouse 5.18.22

Dave and Mindy speak with Dane Foley about the Wabash Valley Friendship Clubhouse and its’ services. The explain what The Clubhouse is and discuss an upcoming yard sale that