Nell Minow is the Movie Mom. Nell reviews movies to give a parent’s eye on media, culture and values. She gives each movie a grade and a suggestion for what age group you can bring to the movie. She is on with Rebecca Clark during the 90’s at Noon every Thursday at 12:35 pm and on the Blazer Morning Show every Friday at 7:15am. Nell’s website is

Movie Mom

1917 & Just Mercy 1/8/2020

This week Nell Minow The Movie Mom chats with Rebecca Clark about the award winning film “1917”.  Nell also reviews “Just Mercy” and “Like A Boss” on this week’s

Little Women 12.16.19

On this week’s podcast, hear the special connection between Nell Minow The Movie Mom and the film Little Women.  She talks with Rebecca Clark this about the film and

Star Wars 12.17.19

It’s a BIG week!  Nell Minow The Movie Mom reviews the final chapter of Star Wars with Rebecca Clark on this week’s podcast.

Jumanji II & Bombshell 12.11.19

This week Rebecca Clark and Nell Minow The Movie Mom chat about Jumaji II, Bombshell and Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewell.  Nell also talks about Hustlers and  Once Upon a

Frozen II & A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood 11.20.19

This week, Vannah Kaye chats with Nell Minow The Movie Mom.