Open Meeting Information


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Vincennes University Green Activities Center

120 West Harrison Street

Vincennes, IN  47591

John Stachura, Chairman

(All Times are Eastern Daylight Time)


Regular Session – 10:30 a.m. (EDT) – Green Activities Center

Call to Order

Roll Call/Acceptance of Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Chairman’s Remarks

Report of Trustee Committees:

·      Finance/Revenue Committee – Mike Sievers, Chair

Reports from the Administrative Leadership:

·      Recruitment/Enrollment Report – Sarah Fortune, Senior Director of External Relations

·      Presentation/Update on Assessment – Chad Bebee, Director of Assessment

·      Presentation on Enrollment Modeling – Dale Pietrzak, Senior Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Research

President’s Comments



Excerpt from CPB document titled “Certification Requirements”

The Communications Act prohibits the Corporation for Public Broadcasting from distributing its federally appropriated funds to PBS and NPR or to public broadcasting station permittees or licensees unless the governing bodies of those organizations, any committee of such governing bodies, or any advisory bodies hold open meetings proceeded by reasonable notice to the public. The language of the statute, read in conjunction with its legislative history, requires that all meetings of governing bodies, committees thereof, and advisory committees thereto must be open to the public.

Similarly, some deliberations do not “relate to public broadcasting” and would not fall within the requirements of the open meetings section of the law. For example, a university or school board licensee could be expected to conduct board meetings that would cover subjects not even remotely related to public broadcasting such as deliberations on university housing, faculty appointments, or changes to tuition. On the other hand, a board at a community licensee, whose sole responsibility is related to public broadcasting, would rarely deliberate about matters unrelated to public broadcasting. Again, these determinations must be made on a case-by-case basis.

The complete text can be found at:

The Board of Trustees for the Vincennes University is the licensee for WVUT-TV and WVUB-FM and complies with the federal open meeting legislation.

Time and Place of Meetings

The following is excerpted from the Vincennes University Manual:

The Trustees meet in regular and open sessions on the fourth Wednesday of each month at an announced time and site. The Trustees’ meetings are open for all University and community people to attend. The meeting agendas, prepared by the President in consultation with the Chair of the Board and published via the University’s e-mail system, usually include a review of past minutes, decision items, and information items. A brief summary of the actions and deliberations that occur at the meetings is also published in the VU Vision, and the minutes of the Trustees’ meetings are available from the Record Clerk.

More information about the Board of Trustees can be seen on the Vincennes University web site. A roster of the members of the Board of Trustees can be found here.

In addition, questions regarding the Board may be addressed to:

Record Clerk to the Board of Trustees
Vincennes University
Vincennes, Indiana 47591