Nell Minow is the Movie Mom. Nell reviews movies to give a parent’s eye on media, culture and values. She gives each movie a grade and a suggestion for what age group you can bring to the movie. She is on with Rebecca Clark during the 90’s at Noon every Thursday at 12:35 pm and on the Blazer Morning Show every Friday at 7:15am. Nell’s website is

Movie Mom

The Water Man, Here Today and The Rath of Man 5.6.21

Rebecca Clark chats with Nell Minow the Mom as she reviews several films this week.  For review: “The Water Man”, “Here  Today”, “The Outside Story”, “Rath of Man” and

Without Remorse & The Millers vs The Machines 4.29.21

Nell Minow The Movie Mom reviews “Without Remorse” starring Michael B. Jordan and “The Millers vs The Machines” on Netflix this week with Rebecca Clark.  Nell also talks about

Mortal Kombat & Street Gang 4.22.21

This week Nell Minow The Movie Mom chats with Rebecca Clark and reviews “Mortal Kombat” &  “Street Gang”. a documentary about Sesame Street! Nell’s website is:

Monday, We Broke Up & Tina 4.15.21

Rebecca Clark chats with Nell Minow The Movie mom about two love story movies this week, “Monday” & “We Broke Up”.  Nell also gives us the highlights of the

Thunder Force 4.8.2021

Rebecca Clark speaks with Nell Minow The Movie Mom this week about the new film on Netflix, “Thunder Force” starring Octavia Spencer, Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy.