Nell Minow is the Movie Mom. Nell reviews movies to give a parent’s eye on media, culture and values. She gives each movie a grade and a suggestion for what age group you can bring to the movie. She is on with Rebecca Clark during the 90’s at Noon every Thursday at 12:35 pm and on the Blazer Morning Show every Friday at 7:15am. Nell’s website is

Movie Mom

Prom and Stand-In 12.10.2020

Congratulations to Nell Minow the Movie Mom!  She has been named a ‘Top critic’ in the first ever list of individuals on Rotten Tomatoes! This week Nell reviews “Prom”

Mank & Dear Santa 12.2.2020

This week Nell Minow The Movie Mom reviews “Mank” & “Dear Santa”.  She gives them both high grades!  Nell also reviews “All My Life” and “Love, Weddings and Other

The Croods & Black Beauty 11.25.2020

This week Nell Minow the Movie Mom reviews “The Croods” coming soon to streaming (in theaters now) and also “Black Beauty”.  Nell also suggests a few Thanksgiving favorites to

The Sound of Metal & The Last Vermeer 11.18.2020

This week Nell Minow The Movie Mom reviews “The Sound of Metal” and “The Last Vermeer”.  She also reviews “Stardust” but doesn’t give it a rave review as there

Jingle Jangle, Freaky & Hillbilly Elegy 11.12.2020

Nationally recognized critic, Nell Minow The Movie Mom reviews several films this week with Rebecca Clark.  “Jingle Jangle” on Netflix and “Freaky” get a stamp of approval while “Come