Nell Minow is the Movie Mom. Nell reviews movies to give a parent’s eye on media, culture and values. She gives each movie a grade and a suggestion for what age group you can bring to the movie. She is on with Rebecca Clark during the 90’s at Noon every Thursday at 12:35 pm and on the Blazer Morning Show every Friday at 7:15am. Nell’s website is

Movie Mom

Star Wars & Family Movies at home 4.1.2020

Nell Minow the Movie Mom talks about the final installment in the original Star Wars stories out on DVD and streaming.  Nell also chats with Rebecca Clark about movies

Movies to enjoy at home 3.25.2020

Nell Minow The  Movie Mom chats with Rebecca Clark this week about a few movies you can enjoy at home with your family.  They also talk about the dilemma

Quiet Place II and Movies from home! 3.18.20

Nell Minow The Movie Mom chats with Rebecca Clark this week about the box office closing up shop for a while.  Some films that were to be released in

I Still Believe 3.11.2020

My Spy is delayed this week due to the corona virus!  Nell Minow talks about “I Still Believe” and two super scary movies, “The Hunt and “Bloodshot” on this

Onward 3.4.2020

Pixar does it again!  Nell Minow The Movie Mom loved “Onward”.  This one gets a high grade and a good review.  Hear her thoughts on this week’s podcast with