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Community Connection Interviews

Amber Dinkens V.U. Nursing Program 9.16.21

Amber speaks with Elizabeth Stevens about the nursing programs that V.U. offers as well as the fun, new Health Promotion Fair that they are hosting.

Kristi Deetz V.U. Foundation 9.15.21

Kristi speaks with Dane Foley about the Walter A. Davis Award, the Presidents golf outing and the return of the Community Series.

Ciarra McCain and Derrick Hopper KCARC 9.14.21

Ciarra speaks with Dane Foley about the 1972 KCARC center opening back up, the cost and packages offered and activities available at the center. Derrick speaks about a grant

Kathy Evans Vincennes University Counseling Center 9.13.21

Kathy speaks with Dane Foley about the upcoming suicide prevention walk that is coming up on the Vincennes University campus.

Cathy Jones RSVP 9.3.21

Cathy speaks to Dane Foley about the RSVP and some of the programs they offer. She talks about vision screenings, sewing groups and the Honor Flight.