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Community Connection Interviews

Red Skelton Museum 5.13.2020

Anne Pratt shared about the new exhibit coming to the museum that will focus on Red Skelton’s time in WWII as both a soldier and an entertainer.  The museum

KCARC 5.12.2020

Marketing Director Cher Elliott spoke about the different roles the employees of KCARC are now serving in daily.  Some extensions of their services have been closed during the pandemic. 

Generations 5.11.2020

Stacey Kahre, Director of Operations, of Generations spoke with us about services available for their clients during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Generations serves the aging individuals in our community

Vincennes University’s Ann Herman 5.7.2020

Education Department Chair, Ann Herman, talked about the switch to e-learning at Vincennes University during the Covid 19 pandemic.  She applauded both students and educators.  She also gave a

Mayor Joe Yochom 5.7.2020

Mayor Joe Yochum spoke about paving in the city.  He also shared details about the state grant the city is receiving to help local businesses during the Covid 19