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Archived interviews are found below.

Community Connection Interviews

Tonya Short Purdue Extension Office 7.19.22

Tonya speaks with Dane Foley about numerous topics including, the Knox County Fair, the Food handling class as well as the Canning class.

Kim Fourman RSVP 7.18.22

Kim Fourman speaks with Dane Foley about the RSVP program and volunteering opportunities. She talks about some of the volunteers helping out with the Vincennes Food Pantry and the

Joe Herron George Rogers Clark National Historical Park 7.15.22

Joe speaks with Dane Foley about how the number in visitors has increased during this season. He also speaks about the Junior Ranger Days and field trips that were

Anne Pratt Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy 7.13.22

Anne speaks with Dane Foley about the museum and hours of operation. She also talks about a display featuring Hoosiers and informs us about activities that will take place

Pantheon-Keri Lane 7.8.22

Operations Manager, Keri Lane, of the Patheon is our guest.  Learn what the Patheon has to offer in this interview!