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Community Connection Interviews

Joe Yochum Mayor of Vincennes 4.7.22

Mayor Joe Yochum speaks with Dane Foley about The Big Balloon Build in town. They discuss the ribbon cutting and Mayor Yochum will be making the artists honorary citizens

Cassandra Debord, Sabrina Fiscus and Callie Cessna GSH Safety Pin Program 4.6.22

Cassandra Debord, Sabrina Fiscus and Callie Cessna speak with Dane Foley and explain what the Safety Pin Program through Good Samaritan Hospital is. Good Samaritan received a grant that

Liver Life Walk 4.6.22

Chairperson of the Liver Life Walk of Southwestern Indiana, Jess Schnur is our guest.  Jess shares about the event and her personal connection to the American Liver Foundation.  

Indiana State Police Career Camp 4.4.22

Pictured L to R: Sergeant Todd Ringle, Trooper Beau Brumett and Trooper Jordan Lee and  in studio to talk about the Indiana State Police Career Camp.  The camp will

Knox County Chamber 4.1.22

Jamie Neal from the Knox County Chamber of Commerice talks about the Chamber’s new office space, the Big Balloon Build that will benefit the United Way of Knox County.