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Community Connection Interviews

Chelsea Charleston and Tina Bangador Jesus Day 5.27.22

Chelsea Charleston and Tina Bangador speak with Dane Foley about their upcoming Jesus Day event. Many activities will be going on such as puppet shows, prayer tents and food

Andrew Staggs One Cause 5.26.22

Dane Foley speaks with Andrew Skaggs about an upcoming show put on by One Cause titled “unite us in Concert”.

Denise Swink Knox County CASA 5.24.22

Denise Swink speaks with Dane Foley about the Knox County CASA program. She discusses how to train and become a CASA volunteer. She also talks about the upcoming Golf

Mark Hill Vincennes Rendezvous 5.23.22

Mark Hill, the Marketing Director of The Rendezvous discusses the upcoming Rendezvous. He talks about all of the events and activities that will be happening over the weekend. He

Joe Herron GRC National Historical Park 5.20.22

Joe Herron speaks with Dane Foley. He discusses the upcoming Rendezvous and how to get more information about this event. He also discusses the many activities offered at the